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About CCDS

The Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC), the de facto national association representing the chemical and petrochemical industry in Singapore, is pleased to bring you the online version of the widely used and market-leading Chemical Cluster Directory of Singapore (CCDS).

CCDS, which is the top information resource for the industry, is a comprehensive directory featuring companies in the process and chemical industries - covering petroleum and petrochemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, specialty chemicals, industrial chemicals and supporting industries.

The printed copy of CCDS is widely circulated both in Singapore and worldwide, through SCIC’s global network of chemical industry associations, related trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as through the international offices of IE Singapore andSingapore Economic Development Board (EDB), adding tremendous value to all companies featured in the directory. The online version of CCDS is also available to ensure exposure among the widest possible global audience.

Key Benefits of CCDS:

- CCDS - An Official SCIC Publication

CCDS is the only directory publication produced by the Singapore Chemical Industry Council, which represents the interests of all major chemical and petrochemical companies in Singapore. CCDS is distributed to every member of SCIC, as well asto many others in the industry.

- Global Recognition of SCIC Facilitates Worldwide Circulation of CCDS

The ASEAN Chemical Industries Council (ACIC) and all global chemical associations (such as the chemical associations of China, Japan, Korea, and India etc) view SCIC as the national body of the Singapore chemical industry. Because of SCIC’s close partnership with these global associations and councils, CCDS is extremely well positioned to promote your company to the world.

- Highly Valuable Information Resource

Statistical reports and articles from Singapore government agencies, relating to the chemical industry, will be incorporated in CCDS, thus making ita highly valuable information resource for the industry.

The directory is intended to serve the interests of the chemical and supporting industry at large, and we welcome you to start sourcing for suppliers, partners and business opportunities with CCDS. As an official SCIC publication, published with the support of IE Singapore, EDB and SPRING Singapore, CCDS is the ideal platform for you to effectively engage your market, gain market prominence and grow your business.

For advertising enquiries in CCDS, please contact CCDS official media representative:

MultiNine Corporation Pte Ltd

Tel: 6281 8888 | Fax: 6254 8468 | Email: sales@multi9.com.sg